Be More Successful in Challenging Times

In today’s challenging times, companies need to be focused on conducting business in ways that will maximize sales, profits and ultimately bring about the following:

  • Happy and loyal customers who return for repeat business;
  • Happy and empowered employees who are career-oriented; and
  • Happy and satisfied owners achieve their financial goals.

This is exactly what every successful or not so successful company wants and needs in today’s challenging business environment.

I was asked by USGlass magazine to write this blog because my consulting firm provides a board range of consulting services to subcontractors, general contractors, architects, engineers, building product manufacturers and suppliers to the building construction industry.  We have worked with dozens and dozens of glass and glazing subcontractors, so we know and understand the challenges in your industry and are constantly up-to-date on industry “Best Practices.” I’ll be sharing these “Best Practices” with you in my blog.

I’m not a generic consultant, but instead, I know building construction and, on a related matter, know how architects and general contractors think and act as they impact your business.

In our consulting roles we continually see “Best Practices” and we are constantly up-to-date on what works and what doesn’t work in your type of business. We pass this insight along to our clients so they learn in the shortest period of time and so they learn the easy way rather than the hard way.  Rarely does any business have this type of exposure to “Best Practices.”  Additionally, these “Best Practices” are continuously being updated by our constant exposure to many glass and glazing subcontractors on a national basis.

So, the theme of our discussions will be how to be more successful in challenging times.  I’ll share some very interesting and successful ideas with you.  It would be nice for you to share your ideas, concerns and questions with me, too.

We’ll talk about business development, management tools and tips, strategic planning, “Best Practices,” new opportunities, employee development and related topics of your choice.  You can respond to my blog postings as well as ask for specific topics to be added.  Don’t limit your thinking or hold back on your creativity no matter how “blue sky,” unconventional or non-traditional.

As we share our thoughts, I’ll share many “Best Practices” with you as well as other initiatives that contribute to achieving a very successful company.  Again, they will be focused on the glass and glazing industry.

As we know, the current economy continues to present serious challenges for all of us.  We can either accept reality or we can do something about it.

“Best Practice” Fact:  Doing nothing other than what you have traditionally done should not be an option.  Because continuing to do the same things will get the same results!

Change is good and change is necessary in order to be successful on a continuing basis.

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