Top Priorities

I think the topic of company top priorities is so important that I want to return to the subject again.

In all kinds of companies including subcontractors, architects, general contractors, building product manufacturers I often find there are no annual company top priorities.  The employees are making their own assumptions on what is important to the success of the company.  That means no one is on the same page.

Does your company have annual top priorities?

If not, do you think your company would benefit from formally establishing annual top priorities?

I can tell you without qualification that having company top priorities will improve the performance of your company in sales, profits, etc.  It gets everyone on the same page.

Let me hear from you about what you are doing or not doing.  Then we’ll talk about it.

On a related matter, my firm helps clients develop a one-page top priority plan to insure employee accountability and drive great results.  It really works!


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