Setting Goals

Goal-setting can address many different forms. It can embrace how a company succeeds or it can address how a person achieves a lifelong dream. Whatever the form, goal-setting is key to success.

I recently read a newspaper article about a young lady who was inspired to climb Mount Everest.  She achieved her dream in May 2010.  In a speaking engagement she said we all have an Everest and we all have to do what it takes to get to the top.  How did she make it to the top of Mount Everest and then back home safely?  She set goals.

Here’s is a brief summary of her goal-setting process:

  • Define your dream and outline a plan;
  • Set a timeline in your plan;
  • Think of what it takes to make it a reality; and
  • Focus and stay positive.

Does all this seem similar to what I’ve discussed in previous blog postings? Let’s take another look at goal-setting in business.

Specific – Means specific and concise goals because generalities don’t get the message across to your employees. Make sure you goals are easily understood because nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood.

Measurable – Means goals are quantified and can be evaluated to determine if progress is being made. What gets measured gets accomplished.

Focused – Establishing too many annual goals detracts from accomplishing your goals. Experience has shown three or four annual goals are the ideal number and any more than five goals most likely cannot be accomplished or will mean that all the goals reach less than the desired results.

To repeat for emphasis, I always recommend to glass and glazing subcontractors that their annual goals do not exceed one type-written page.

We call it the one-page priority plan that holds everyone in the company accountable for success.

As we have seen, the climber set four goals and I’m sure she established some additional sub-goals (objectives) that said exactly “how” she was going to achieve her goals.

For your company, I’d recommend three to five annual goals with employee objectives supporting each of the goals. Remember, you as the owner do not set the goals; it’s a team effort. We can show you how to do it.

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