Action Plan Guidelines, Part 16

Don’t build in escape clauses.

  • A Degree of Risk is Acceptable
  • Changing Conditions are Not Unusual

There are occasions where employees will try to “escape” responsibility for completing some of their Action Plans or not completing them by the target date.  While 100 percent completion is not expected, changing conditions are not unusual. It’s a way of life in most companies.

So don’t let your employees offer “escape clauses” for not getting their Action Plans accomplished. The next posting will elaborate on this guideline.

Let’s talk about risk, too. Encourage your personnel to make their own decisions and while you may think that is a risk on your part, it most often is a risk worth taking. You can and should be a major influence, but let them make the decision so they’re committed to the goal and so you capitalize on these important human motivational traits. And remember to give the credit and share the blame.  Poor managers want to look good at their staff’s expense and good managers want their employees to look good.  To grow is to risk; to risk is to make mistakes and mistakes are acceptable as long as it’s a learning experience and it doesn’t happen too often.

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