Action Plan Guidelines, Part 17

Expect Action Plans to be accomplished by the specific dates.

  • Continually Missing Dates Indicates Poor Performance
  • Continually Accepting Missed Dates Condones Poor Performance
  • Set Realistic Dates for Accomplishment
  • Remember that Today’s Knowledge may Unknowingly Set Unrealistic Dates of Accomplishments
  • Be Reasonable and Understanding
  • Above all, Maintain High Expectations

The second bullet point is extremely important.

If you continually accept missed dates for completing Action Plans then you are condoning poor performance.

Condoning poor performance will reinforce poor performance in the future, so maintain high expectations and expect most of the employees to meet most of their Action Plans most of the time.

On a related matter, if you continually accept missed dates from an employee your other employees will see it as well and think they can also neglect completing their Action Plans.

So, be sure to realize making exceptions can create problems within the entire employee organization.

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