Action Plan Guidelines, Part 20

Spread out dates of accomplishment.

  • Strive for a Balance over the Entire Year
  • Avoid Too Many Year-End Dates
  • Too Many, Too Early in the Year Can’t be Done Either
  • Too Many in the Same Month is a Real Challenge
  • Don’t Set-Up the Employee for Failure

This guideline says a lot in just a few bullet points. So, consider each of them carefully.

It’s not unusual to have management and staff over-commit to accomplishing their Action Plans by grouping too many together. For example, an employee expecting to accomplish 75 percent of their Action Plans in the last quarter of the year isn’t realistic.

I must also admit that we establish Action Plans for the staff of Consulting Collaborative for our annual Top Priorities, and I find myself missing an Action Plan because I’ve established too many for one month. So, even us veterans can overcommit!

Don’t let your employees set themselves up for failure.  Spread out Action Plans over the entire year.

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